“We value people above all other aspects of our business and, to be true to this commitment, we have established a set of priorities and initiatives that live up to these values.”

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President's Message

Great music, we agree, is all about the ensemble. Whether it is complementary notes and voice, a great melody put to instrument, or the three working together, the whole of the ensemble is greater than the sum of the parts. It can stir emotion, move the hardest of hearts to tears, and unite a sea of souls in harmony and rhythm as if completely one. And so it is at Denny’s. We are ‘Proud of Our Heritage’ and are always looking for that perfect ensemble of a caring and inclusive culture, a diverse and talented workforce and a fine tuned awareness should something ever be off key.

Again this year, we’ve demonstrated continued commitment and progress in each of the following areas:

  • Creating a diverse and inclusive work environment that encourages and fosters growth and development, maximizes talent, and values different perspectives in order to build a stronger brand
  • Attracting diverse franchisees who mirror our values in order to maintain a path of continued growth of Denny’s
  • Developing and strengthening partnerships with minority and women-owned suppliers who have the ability to meet our quality, service and pricing needs
  • Impacting the communities in which we do business by giving, supporting and participating in hunger relief and education efforts, especially in underprivileged markets

The ‘Power of We’, one of our often borrowed and most quoted Guiding Principles, is like music to our ears. Embracing and celebrating our differences unites us! And united we can be a powerful force in restoring greatness in our land. This is very important to us, and may it ever be so at Denny’s. Let’s perform together!

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