Diversity Speaks

Always Open

Open to different people, different beliefs
and different perspectives.

And we stand by that. We are a company that values and embraces diversity because it is good for our business. And because it is the right thing to do. Our franchisees, employees, suppliers, and customers represent all heritages.

It is Denny’s strong belief that America’s diversity is one of the greatest assets in this global economy. As a commitment to this belief, Denny’s has implemented diversity initiatives in many different areas of the company’s operations. As of 2014, minorities make up 63% of Denny's total workforce and 44% of our overall management. The board of Denny’s Corporation consists of 11 directors of whom 45% percent are minorities and women. Since the inauguration of Denny’s Supplier Diversity Initiative in 1993, the company has spent over $1.6 billion with minority and women owned business enterprises.

Our results have far exceeded our expectations and those of many in the industry. We continue to win awards for our results because we believe a best practice for companies leading in diversity management is to extend beyond their four walls into the communities they serve – to reach out in a positive way to build and enhance people and the local communities.

And we’re very open to that.